We rent your house for events

CASSONA offers you a unique opportunity to get the best profitability on your property without having to get rid of it.

The market is constantly changing and events have become a very effective and generalized way of disseminating and presenting products.

Luxury lofts, chalets and mansions are a great opportunity of business in which both parties will benefit from it.

The traditional locations are in decline and more and more communication agencies are looking for new spaces to offer their customers something different, exclusive and novel.

If you have a property that you do not want to get rid of and that only generates expenses, this is a great opportunity to keep it and make a meaning out of it.

We offer you CASSONA to show you house to potential clients, we show it and we take care of everything with all the guarantees. We pay you right away and we return it back exactly as it was in a few hours.

We make a professional and exclusive report that we show in CASSONA with all the legal and confidentiality guarantees. Potential customers will get a perfect idea of what we are offering without creating false expectations so we will only bother you with virtually closed operations.

In addition, we offer the possibility of making any necessary renovation in order for the property to adapt to this activity.

Ask us. You are sure to be amazed at the enormous opportunity of “lending” your property for a few hours to make it self-sufficient and profitable.

Thank you for trusting CASSONA!