CASSONA is one of the luxury real estate agencies that is born with the aim of offering the best luxury houses, land and properties to facilitate your purchase or your rent, from a professional, neat and different point of view. Our portfolio of properties is based on luxury homes, luxury villas and unique features, due to our tools and our professional team which is specialized in this segment. For this reason, we only offer unique and special housing in our platform.

Beyond discarding the entire real estate market, our premise and only goal is the hyper-specialization, this is our philosophy and our reason for being.

At CASSONA, clients can receive legal and tax advice. Seriousness, rigor and trust are our hallmarks.


Cassona is a luxury real estate agency that combines the traditional business model with the new trends and tools that the internet provides. We are a team formed by professionals from the real estate sector and experts in the new trends of communication and digital marketing, creating a tandem capable of disseminating, positioning your property in the fastest, most efficient way and of course from the proximity and taking advantage of the knowledge, which is only achieved with years of experience.


In CASSONA, we take into account the importance of the positioning of our offers on the internet, as a result we have a Marketing department specialized in: SEO / SEM, Social Media, Photography and Video, Graphic Design.


CASSONA, apart from being a digital platform, it is supported by professionals of the sector who offer a personalized management, managing each operation in a unique way. With years of experience we know there is a common “abc” that must be applied in every operation for it to be successful, however we do keep in mind that each client has different needs, therefore we offer advice and a range of services that pursue an only goal; Sell ​​or rent your home in the best conditions and in the fastest way.

For this purpose, we offer the following services:

– Remodelling and interior designing. We elaborate a project specially for you and we take care of everything, To the last detail! Closed budgets, without fuss, in the shortest possible time and with the greatest transparency.

– Photographs and representative video editing of your property which offers a careful and complete representation in order to show your future customers a realistic view that will avoid creating false expectations.

– Legal and commercial advice that includes a market study and the appraisal of the real value of your property to meet the objective you pursue which makes CASSONA the most effective tool within your reach.

– The best positioning in the internet and in social networks which will allow you to achieve your goal in a short time with the least effort and greater efficiency. We have a Marketing area specialized in digital positioning, so that the properties published in our website are the first results in the Internet searches, national and internationally, since more than half of our operations are carried out with foreign countries.

– Management of visits of the possible interested parties in your property always with the greatest discretion, seriousness and responsibility.

– As real estate agency, we provide timely and detailed information of every step we take in the operation with maximum transparency.

– The processing of all the necessary documentation for the sale or rent of your property, from the data of your buyer till the last detail so that the operation can be carried out with the greatest guarantees and always in a clear, fast and efficient way.